It’s The Little Things: West Elm’s Alexa Reclaimed Wood Bed

One small disclaimer before we begin: I am absolutely obsessed with furniture made from reclaimed wood. The textures, histories and wood grains always does me in.

Now, when a  chevron pattern is added into the equation then I am DONE (you hear me?) When I saw West Elm‘s Alexa Reclaimed Wood Bed, I may or may not have been overly excited to miniaturize this beauty (side note: I was, indeed, overly excited.)

I’ve created an teeny weenie version of this West Elm bed and you can too. Check out the instructions below!

First you’ll need the following supplies:

1) Craft wood;
2) A hobby hacksaw;
3) Wood glue;
4) Painter’s  tape (or masking tape);
5) Wood filler markers (or brown markers in varying shades: light, medium and dark);
6) Cutting board and;
7) Bamboo toothpicks

Next, you’ll need to look at the measurements for the bed. I made my bed 1:12 in size (for example, 7 feet= 7 inches for this miniature bed). Decide if you’d like to make a queen-sized bed or a king-sized bed and measure accordingly. You can find the bed’s dimensions on West Elm‘s website.

We will begin with our headboard. I’ve cut two pieces of wood and I have drawn a line down the center as my guide.

Before I cut each plank of wood for the bed’s headboard, I used the wood markers to paint each stick. To create striations in the wood, I drew dark lines in the wood with very light pressure. Next, I colored the entire piece of wood with the light marker. When you lay out each piece of wood plank in its chevron pattern, think about creating a variety of colors and texture.

Once you’ve completed the chevron-patterned headboard, cut and glue wooden posts to frame out the bed. The craft wood is very soft and malleable to work with. I created 45-degree angle cuts for the ends of each post.

Once the headboard is complete, pat yourself on the back because the hard part is now over. Next, I created the sideboards and the end of the bed. Take four bamboo toothpicks and cut it in half. Pretend as if the tapered part of the toothpick isn’t there- that is where you’ll begin your measurement. Glue those to the ends of each side board and allow it to dry overnight. The toothpicks are a bit heavier than the craft wood and requires a little bit more time to set in.

Once everything is dry and complete, this is what you should be left with: four pieces which you will begin to assemble. First, connect the sides of the bed with the end of the bed.

Then connect that piece to the headboard and allow it to dry. Once it’s dry, you can frame the sides of the bed with wooden posts.

Lastly, add planks to the bottom of the bed so that the mattress will not fall to the floor!

After all of that, you’ll be done. Oh look! West Elm’s Alexa Reclaimed Wood Bed had a baby! Let’s call her Lexie!


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