Culture Pie: Vice’s Correspondent Confidential


VICE presents a new illustrated documentary series called Correspondent Confidential where the personal stories of award-winning journalists that never made front page news are shared monthly.

The six-part series is narrated by award-winning journalists telling previously untold personal stories about the harrowing – and hilarious – experiences they’ve had on, and off, the job while reporting on some of the world’s most high-profile issues and events.

The series is visualized with original illustrations and animations by a selection of talented artists, including Arthur Jones and Marina Luz.

Watch the series trailer for Correspondent Confidential:


The series’ premiere episode features photojournalist and filmmaker Mimi Chakarova, who describes her experience posing as an undercover sex worker in the brothels of Turkey and Dubai as research for her 2011 award-winning documentary film, The Price of Sex, which exposed the underground world of sex trafficking and corruption in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Watch the first episode of Correspondent Confidential:


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