Art I Love: Liu Jianhua

Liu Jianhua began his career in 1977 by working in a porcelain sculpture studio. He’s studied at Fine Arts Department of the Jingdezhen Pottery & Porcelain College where he majored in Sculpture. He is currently living in Shanghai, China where he is a professor in the Sculpture Department of the Fine Arts School of Shanghai University.

Liu Jianhua’s primary working materials are porcelain, artifacts, and waste products imported from foreign countries; he is drawn to these materials because of their cultural implications and material history.

Liu’s work ranges from small, porcelain figures of scantily clad, headless women to a model of the Shanghai skyline built out of poker chips and dice. Currently, Liu’s work has turned to contemporary issues of urbanization and rapid development in China’s cities.

Liu Jianhua "Colour Ceramic Series- Potted Landscapes" 2002

Liu Jianhua “Colour Ceramic Series- Potted Landscapes” 2002

Liu Jianhua "Dream" 2006

Liu Jianhua “Dream” 2006


Liu Jianhua "Unreal Scene" 2008

Liu Jianhua “Unreal Scene” 2008

Liu Jianhua The Boxing Age" 2002-08

Liu Jianhua The Boxing Age” 2002-08

Liu Jianhua "Infatuated Memory"

Liu Jianhua “Infatuated Memory”

Liu Jianhua "Play 2009" 2009

Liu Jianhua “Play 2009″ 2009



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