It’s the Little Things


For my most recent post on Today’s Chicago Woman’s blog (ART CART) I wrote about miniature furniture and design in a article titled “Big Appetites, Small Design“. The article was inspired by the macro photography of Christopher Boffoli . Since writing that piece, I’ve been moved to create and design miniature scaled rooms with the same concept that I’ve employed in designing full scaled rooms: allow the artwork to inform my design projects. Miniatures are very, very expensive! Hundreds and thousands of dollars are spent on realistic replicas of our everyday household items and decor. I like to eat, so I can’t spend hundreds of dollars on collectible miniatures! While I share my design process, I’m also going to include posts sharing DIY projects on making your own miniatures at home! I think I’ll call these posts, “It’s the Little Things”…after all, that’s all that really matters.

For my first DIY Project, I am making a large leather sectional. Most of my pieces will be 1:12 in scale (1 inch for every actual feet. Example: 9 feet in the real world is 9 inches in the miniature world).

Mini Couch

First, I set out all of my materials: Measuring tape, self-healing mat board, box cutter, rubber cement, scrap pieces of cardboard, stapler, leather or fabric, and quilt filler.

Mini Couch


I measured my actual couch and wrote down the dimensions on my work table. Measure twice, cut once!

Mini Couch

Next, I cut pieces of cardboard and glue them together. In order to hold the glue together I used masking tape.

Mini Couch

I wrapped the cardboard pieces with the quilt filler to soften the sharp edges of the couch.

Mini Couch

I wrapped the couch with scrap leather I had and glue the pieces together. Normally I would sew it together, but I did this on a Sunday and by default anything I do on Sunday requires elements of some sort of laziness.

The whole project takes about an hour (give or take another hour for breaks to munch on potato chips or to take sips of wine.) If you have a young daughter or niece, this would be a fun project for her. Spark her creativity and keep her busy!

Disclaimer: Do not let young children (or irresponsible and immature adults) handle sharp tools (i.e. box cutters, scissors, etc.). Always supervise children when using these items or cut out the pieces for them and have them assemble it on their own!


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