Design I Love: Girl, Bye.

Have you ever put together an outfit that is so comfortably chic that it makes other women stare at you with a curled lip pondering with a mix disgust and admiration: “How in the world does she manage to look so fly so effortlessly?” All you can do is look at them, flick your wrist and say Girl, Bye.

Been there. Done that. Bought the tee shirt.


As a small, independent designers we live for supporting the work of other small, independent designers. So when we purchased the “Girl, Bye” tee from Tees in the Trap, we were too excited to pair it with The MCB Shop’s Tendai headband which will be available later this week when the brand-new online store will be revealed!

Tell us what you think of our look, mark your calendar to head on over to to purchase your turbans later this week when the revamped online store relaunches, style them with your favorite outfit and share your look with us! Catch us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!  #TheMCBShop #Turban #Headwrap #BabiesInTurbans #TheMCBProject  #WednesdayWrap #TurbanatorThursday…you get the idea.

Outfit details are listed below:

Shot by Raub Welch

Shot by Raub Welch

Shot by Raub Welch

Shot by Raub Welch

Shot by Raub Welch

Shot by Raub Welch


1. Turban: The MCB Shop

2. Tee- Tees in the Trap

3. Slacks- Paige

4. Jacket: Soia & Kyo

5. Shoes: French Connection

6. Bag: Céline

7. Earrings: Nordstrom

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