Frame of Mind: Martin Puryear

Puryear’s objects and public installations—in wood, stone, tar, wire, and various metals—are a marriage of minimalist logic with traditional ways of making. Here are some home décor items I’d pair with Puryear’s “Untitled” piece.  1) A vintage Curtis Jere Faceted Mirror from the 1970s and a 2) Calypso Barth pillow for its geometric shapes. Puryear’s has pieces that have many overlapping layers, but the lines and shapes (many geometric) remain clean and precise. 3) A Gio Ponti chair (year unknown) because Puryear has pieces that appears as if it’s suppose to remain rigid, but it offers us curves and bends seamlessly with natural materials such as wood and rope. 4) These Laszlo Tompa “Flower Lamps” would also be added as a nod to Puryear’s use of wood. And like Puryear’s work, it’s simplicity allows us to focus on the beauty and the distorted sense of perception (the wood in the Flower Lamp actually block more light than it emits it, prompting Tompa to explain the the purpose of the lamp is to focus on one area and serve as a overhead spotlight.) 5) In continuing with the distorted sense of perception, I’d also add this twisted brass side table from Shop25ten. 6) Lastly, this Kabasa vase from CB2 lends an additional sculptural element to the room.

Puryear’s “Untitled” served as the main inspiration for these décor picks but I also thought about Puryear’s body of work as an artist. Look him up, read about him, and tell me what pieces you would add!

Martin Puryear

Martin Puryear

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