Frame of Mind: Malika Favre


In the first installment of ‘Frame of Mind’, I share key pieces that I would pick for my selected work of art. Malika Favre’s bold and graphic work with not-so-subtle hints of sensuality has my eye locked on these pieces to accompany her work. Favre’s work has a perfect balance between the use of positive and negative space and so I’d  1. start with a bright, blood orange pillow and a 2. red cross pillow. 3. Next add this coffee table with its dangerously delicious lines and a 4. bird from my favorite husband and wife design team. 5. This vase is just as demure and sexy as the artwork so it’ll fit it perfectly. 6. All this talk about sex and sensuality calls for a headboard worth purring over and a 7. chair to faint on. Lastly, what’s done in the dark, will certainly have to come to the 8. light.



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