Frame of Mind: Jonathan Sandridge

Jonathan Sandridge’s work caught my eye with his use of meshing bold colors with sepia photography. I found this artist while taking a stroll through Pinterest. After visiting his tumblr site, I decided that I liked his graphic design eye and was inspired to do a Frame of Mind post around by his piece. His piece is borders on simplicity and boldness. Thus, I wanted to create a room embracing simplicity with a few key bold pieces. Set in a forest, I decided on a 1) pair of wood trophy deer from Made in Design. 2) In addition to finding deer in a forest, you’ll also find mushroom. So I found a Mushroom coffee table from CB2 that is appropriate for this room’s design. I’ve added a geometric ceramic vase from Made in Design and a pair of Saal wooden candle holders also from CB2. 3) A great dual tufted gray sectional provides ample seating and classic, timeless design. I’ve added 4) a few pillows from Jayson Home. The Gold Feather Pillow¬† and the Brass Stud Pillow mimics the sepia color in the photograph and the Elya pillow gives us a surprise pop of color. 5) The West Elm Perch Table Lamp also gives us another moment of bright color without overpowering the room. 6) Lastly, a Tom Dixon Fan Armchair emulates the tress in the forest. It’s also a great structural statement piece to tie the room completely together.


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