Frame of Mind: Fanny Nushka Moreaux

Artists who paint portraits are often praised for producing a painting that is considered “flat” and seamless. Fanny Nushka Moreaux is not one of those artists. Her work has vivid and pronounced brushstrokes that often focuses on the bodies and shapes of women. With her brushstrokes, she not only creates visually beautifully colors and  hues, but she’s actually creating a sort of three-dimensional shape that appears to spring from the canvas.

Born in Lille, France in 1983, Moreaux currently lives and works in Paris and Southern France.

For this design board, I created a soft, dreamy office with a pop of bold red inspired by Moreaux’s painting October Wind at the Beach.


1) For a touch of red, I am drawn to this Gemma Red Lacquer Spot Table. To add another visual layer (and additional geometric shapes), I’ve paired it with the Emporium Home Matrix Side Table.

2) To pull from the beach setting in the painting’s background, I’ve added the D. I. Rhein Seismograph Aqua Square Embroidered Pillow. To continue the juxtaposition of geometric shapes that are found in the side tables, I’ve also added a Jean Multi-Bead Throw Pillow.

3) I am not a fan of office chairs that are made of mesh or decked out entirely in leather. The dusky color and comforting cushions of this Victor Armchair is a clear winner for this office.

4) In my honest opinion, there is absolutely no way to lose with a bold graphic rug on the floor- especially when the other elements in the room are especially soft.  The Loloi Goodwin Zig Zag Black and Ivory Power Loomed Rug is what’s featured on this design board. I feel that this particular painting by Moreaux has a rustic feel. West Elm’s Rustic Storage Desk is a perfect way to translate that feeling into the room’s décor.

5)  Arteriors Home’s Detrick Floor Lamp makes me so happy. The texture of the lamp’s base reminds me of finding various shells and stones in the beach’s sand.

6) For one final geometric touch, I’ve added a trio of Prism Vases from Jayson Home which are perfect for the corner of the desk.

7) I am not always able to get to a beach and lie in the sand. However, I imagine that lying on this Ramsey Sofa is just as decadent of an experience. The richness of the color and the texture of the couch’s covering has me wanting to simply melt into the sofa.

That just about rounds out my Frame of Mind for a home office inspired by Moreaux’s October Wind at the Beach. What do you think of it? What other elements would you add?

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