Design I Love: Poppy


I ran across a really cool Kickstarter campaign for Poppy, a device that allows your iPhone that allows you to record videos in three dimensions and upload it to YouTube, Instagram, or Camera+ (a Poppy app has been created to make uploading videos made using Poppy easier). It is inspired by the stereographic images of the 1800s and the Viewmaster.

With Poppy, a system of mirrors splits the field of view of the iPhone’s camera, so that it capture two images at once. The mirrors are positioned eye-width apart (the “interpupilary distance”) so that the images represent what is seen by the left and right eye, independently.
The viewer built into Poppy then isolates the images, so your right eye sees the image taken by the right mirror, and the left eye sees the left image. Your brain fuses the two images into a single, three dimensional scene. 
Once you have these two images, called a stereo pair, you can reconstruct the original three dimensional scene in number of ways. Anaglyph glasses (like the classic red/blue glasses) are one way.

-Poppy Kickstarter Page

Check out the video to see how it works. Is this a campaign you’d support? Let us know!



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