Design I Love: Grégoire de Lafforest “Archibird (console-cage à oiseaux)” 2013

archibird header

My condo doesn’t allow dogs. It does allow cats and birds. I’m deathly allergic to cats and I always thought birds meant I would feel the constant grain of scattered seeds under my bare feet. However, it would be a well-designed desk that would have me re-thinking the whole “birds as pets” thing. Especially since I don’t have a desk at home! This Archibird Cage by Grégoire de Lafforest is sleek in design and practical in use. Dear Maya Angelou, I think the caged bird sings because it’s in a fly-a$$ desk! Visit Ateliers-Seewhy to see how it was constructed.

ArchibirdArchibird2Archibird 3Archibird 4

Grégoire de Lafforest – Cage Archibird from grégoire de lafforest on Vimeo.

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