Culture Pie: The Protectors

Israel Idonije, a former member¬† of NFL’s Chicago Bears, may no longer be playing a super hero on the field these days. However, his heroic talents and extraordinary aptitudes are still being put to use in The Protectors.¬†By merging comics with sports, Idonije has found a niche in an unbelievably competitive market; and he is set activate his super powers and soar high with success.

Produced by Athlitacomics, The Protectors is a motion comic book that can be downloaded on MadeFire, which allows you to download comics and enjoy them on your laptop, tablet; or mobile device.

I love when people are able to take their own personal experiences and turn it into art. As a creative entrepreneur, I love to see creative spirits at work as well as the outstanding entrepreneurial feats that my friends are able to accomplish! The Protectors is a prime example of the awesomeness that some of my friends do. Now, I’m going to sit back and wait on The Protectors movie that I KNOW will be happening sooner than later.

As for you, go ahead and download the MadeFire app. Then download The Protectors motion comic book for free!

PS. Totally random, but did you know that Idonije also recently opened a new creative work-space in Chicago? Did you know that I designed the interiors? No! Well, check The Bureau here.


MCB & II at a fundraiser for the Israel Idonije Foundation at his new creative space, The Bureau

MCB & II at a fundraiser for the Israel Idonije Foundation held at his creative work-space, The Bureau

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