It’s The Little Things: CB2′s Apis Coffee Table

We love the Apis coffee table from CB2. The weaved metal wires and high/low tones in the wood makes us want to buy, like 3, of them. We have no clue where we would put them because we already have too many pieces of furniture as it is. However, we do have someplace where we could put a miniature version of it!

CB2 Apis Coffee Table

CB2 Apis Coffee Table

Here’s a fun project to do with your kids. Since we’ll be using wire cutters and super glue, please supervise your children while doing this project. We wouldn’t want them to super glue the wire cutter to their sweater or anything like that. Yeah- that wouldn’t be a good look.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1) 1 jewelry wire cutter;
2) 1 spool of electrical wire (rubber coating preferred);
3) 1 circular craft wood piece;
4) 1 water bottle; and
5) wood filler marker in various colors.


We’veĀ  found that the size of the craft wood and the circumference of the water bottle is a perfect match. So we used it as a mold to create a perfect circle. After you’ve measured the circle, cut and paste the ends with super glue.


Using the wood filler marker, begin to color the craft wood piece. First color with the base color and then you’ll add in your wood “grains” and “lines” next with colors darker than your base color. After you draw those lines and grains in, go back and use the base color once again so that the lines will blend in. You should end up with a finished product that looks like this:


Next, cut about 11 pieces of small wire legs for the table. Each piece should be 2 inches long.


Slightly bend the ends of the legs and glue them around the circle.


When you have completed pasting all of the legs, it should look like this:


Next, take the wooden craft piece, flip it over and past a wire circle onto the back of it.


Now we’ll attached the metal legs to that circle on the back of the wood piece.


Finally, we’re going to add wire circles around the table’s legs.


Once you’ve added all of the wires around the table’s legs, then the project is complete!




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