Art I Love: Boys of Soweto

When I saw this video, I definitely thought of my homegirl (Curator and Andy Warhol Fellow), Shantrelle Lewis, and her Dandy Lion Project.

Boys of Soweto is a film that follows six dandy-licious men as they check and double-check their outfits to make sure it’s proper before a certain young lady comes along. It’s a simple story, beautifully shot and directed by Meja Shoba.

When I saw this film, I thought of Ava DuVernay and her recent shorts for Miu Miu (The Door) and Fashion Fair (Say Yes). Boys of Soweto almost feels like a fashion ad narrative. It also helps to know that Boys of Soweto is not just the film’s title, it’s an actual group of young men in South Africa who blog about African style and fashion and they are a

group that approaches fashion from a urban, vintage, and futuristic perspective.

Click on to read an interview with Meja Shoba.

What do you think of this video?


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