Be a part of The MCB Project. The MCB Project‘s readers are inspired intellectuals, savvy creatives, ambitious dreamers and consumers of culture.

Readers of The MCB Project are a captive, influential audience that thrive on ingenuity and cutting-edge inventiveness. They are interested in being engaged with companies and brands that present thoughtful and clever ads, campaigns, and brand experiences.

Here, at The MCB Project, we would like to help deliver your company or brand’s message.

We welcome partnerships and collaborations. We are eager to assist your company or brand by creating true connections through unique and successful opportunities.

Contact The MCB Project for more details on the following:

CO-CREATE: The MCB Project would like to co-create and co-develop exclusive products to share with our audience and yours.

GIVEAWAYS: Would you like to sponsor a giveaway on The MCB Project? Art (visual, performance, culinary), design (furniture, décor,  fashion, product), and cultural (theatre, films, music, literature, dance) experiences appeal to our readers.

BRAND AMBASSADORSHIPS: If your company or brand is seeking an art, design and cultural connoisseur to properly represent your brand or company, The MCB Project would like to work with you.

SPONSORED CONTENT: Would you like The MCB Project to cover your events and product launches around the world? Would you like for us to connect with your brand and deeply engage our audience with your company and brand?

APPEARANCES: The MCB Project is available for hosting and speaking at events. Areas of experience includes arts integration, curating, art buying, arts instruction (visual, dance and theatre arts), and interior design. The MCB Project would love to attend your conferences, workshops, corporate retreats and gatherings.

ADVERTISE: The MCB Project can offer you a selection of traditional and feature web ads that can be purchased on a weekly or monthly basis.

For more information on rates and availability or to partner with The MCB Project, please contact us.

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