Art I Love: Andy Warhol on Ebay. Yes, Ebay.

Andy Warhol On Ebay

An early sketch, by the late pop art  superstar Andy Warhol, is currently bidding on A British businessman named Andy Fields bought this drawing for a mere $5 at a Las Vegas garage sale! And now he’s put the piece up for auction with a starting bid of $1,912,000.00. Andy Warhol’s alleged signature can be seen on the bottom of the piece. Apparently this was created when Andy was only a child. Pop Art existed nearly 20 years before it existed!  The drawing has been sent to the Andy Warhol Foundation for authentication but has yet to be verified.

Sidebar: If you hope to find your next treasured piece of art in someone’s trash, my family is having a neighborhood wide garage sale in the Jackson Park neighborhood of Chicago. Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd & 4th from 10 AM-7 PM. Send me through my contact page if you’re interested in coming out. You can never say I never hooked you up! *wink*


Andy Warhol early drawing

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