Culture Pie: Alicia Piller’s Self(ie) Portrait

To celebrate the upcoming trunk show for The MCB Shop at Sir & Madame (see details below), The MCB Project asked a handful of women in creative fields to submit their photographs  along with their stories for our Self(ie) Portrait series.

We begin this series with a wonderfully talented artist who has collaborated with The MCB Shop for it’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection: Alicia Piller. The artist and designer has created a sundry of pins and brooches for our collection. She is wearing a turban from The MCB Shop with one of her creations.

This is her story.

Alicia Piller for The MCB Shop

Alicia Piller for The MCB Shop

The ‘trash room’ at the Children’s Museum, was one of the earliest places for my true initiation into the practice of making art. At a young age, I developed and fostered my creative intuition, erecting a magnitude of work stretching beyond the use of child-friendly debris. After receiving a B.A. from Rutgers University for both Anthropology & Painting (2004), I combined my artistic talents; starting my own business selling original works: fine art, hand-painted clothing, & sculptural garments, using original techniques with suede, leather and materials collected from my global treks.

Raised in Chicago by both my African-American mother and Jewish-American father, I have been exposed to the best of both cultures sparking a great fascination with the world around me.  History and storytelling are major influences that stem from my own heritage, road trips and storytelling festivals. History of materials is important as I love to connect energetically by breathing life into components, transforming and mixing the new as well as the discarded. Numerous inspections of my father’s medical books root my interest in functional art and body adornment. My work is infused with nature, the cosmos, the philosophy of ‘life after death’, and meditation. Meditation is personal inspiration, but also takes viewers on a journey, becoming a vehicle for introspection.

After living and working in Brooklyn, NY for the past 9 years, I decided it was time for fresh air and a new environment.  So I currently live and work in the ‘Land of Enchantment,’ Santa Fe, NM.



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